Why we believe in reinvesting in education in Nepal

Sarah In Nepal

At The Migration Agency, we believe that business has the power to change lives by incorporating contribution into our every day.

An immigration business such as ours is underpinned by globalisation, and the opportunities it creates for individuals to move around the world, and for companies to access top global talent. However, we also appreciate that sometimes the driving force behind migration is not just the voluntary pursuit of opportunities, sometimes is about necessity due to a lack of opportunity and choice.

Sarah Thapa recently travelled to Nepal through our partnership with sustainable development organisation, FONA. Sarah is a co-founder and director of FONA, which creates new models for development using a collaborative, consultative and benefit-minded approach to solutions.

According to FONA, development solutions of the past, whatever form they have taken, should be evolved along new lines of thinking. FONA is re-thinking traditional models. It does this by connecting the world’s best minds—from think tanks and research institutes, to the educational and corporate sectors—to drive new change and ensure that globally there is an adoption of best practice, including any new technologies, across the board.

FONA’s development model is based on collaboration—understanding aspirations, providing people the opportunity to thrive, and to achieve their full potential. When we connect local communities with passionate investors and collaborators, we see solutions in terms of the opportunities for all involved. This more commercial and benefit-minded approach, reflects not only the collaborators’ backgrounds in academia, research or business business, but also the idea that empowerment comes from looking to the potential of  people and their communities, and play to their strengths.

Sarah and The Migration Agency are collaborators with FONA’s world class Education Centre of Excellence project in Purano Jhangajoli, supporting this particular project by way of providing legal expertise, educational resources, financial contributions as well as creating new partnerships between the school in Nepal and other schools and educators around the world.

Sarah was delighted to see the construction of the school well under way, which has been master planned by a world class team of architects, educators, ecologists, educational psychologists, and others to deliver architectural beauty, sustainability, self-sufficiency, project-based learning, access to technology and social and health services. Having the opportunity to see first-hand where the contributions are going and the people whose lives will be changed by this project is what brings many collaborators to join forces with FONA and make a direct impact for good.

Read more about FONA’s work in education here: https://www.fona.org.au/programs/education/purano-jhangajholi-education-centre/

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