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Employers must now pay Training Levy

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Employers are now required to pay levies to the Skilling Australia Fund for business nominations lodged on or after 12 August 2018. The Australian Government has implement the collection of a training levy from employer sponsors under the Skilling Australians Fund Act 2018 and the Migration Amendment (Skilling Australians Fund) Regulations 2018. The levies are intended…

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5 Ways Australia is Getting More Diverse (Census 2016)

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Source: SBS Diversity in the Australian community is flourishing, according to fresh Census data. Australia’s increasingly close ties with its international neighbours are evident throughout many of the 68.9 million pieces of data published by the Australian Bureau for Statistics for Census 2016. This handful of insights about diversity is the first glimpse of the trove…

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We all benefit from having migrant workers

Over the past few years, migrant workers have become the default political solution for policy problems. Not enough jobs? That’s because foreigners are stealing them. Wages aren’t going up? That’s because foreigners drag them down. Graduates aren’t finding positions? That’s because skilled worker visas are being given out too easily. Maybe there is something to…

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Case Study: How Overseas Talent Can Create Jobs for Australian Engineers

I recently read a news article decrying that overseas engineers were taking the jobs of Australian engineers. The story went on to talk about how graduates of engineering degrees were unable to find work in utilities companies and were resorting to careers in software design and coding. Engineers are an occupation listed on its consolidated skilled…

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Restructures and Immigration

Corporate restructures, mergers or acquisitions involve substantial change for organisations and it is easy for immigration aspects to be overlooked. A change in the corporate legal structure can have a substantial effect on subclass 457 visa holders and their employers Has the sponsoring employer changed? An assessment needs to be made as to whether the…

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NSW to attract more business and investor migrants

NSW State Nominated  Business Investor Visa (subclass 132 Visa) The NSW Department of Industry has announced improved processing time for the Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132), effective 29 January 2016. The new processing times are: Action Timeframe Allocation of dedicated Relationship Officer and e-mail acknowledgement of receipt of application 24 business hours Initial assessment and feedback…

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