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The diversity and inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths

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​While most business leaders now believe having a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to performance, they don’t always know how to achieve that goal. Deloitte Insights has published a report The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution: Eight Powerful Truths which can help turn aspirations into reality.  The report looks at Qantas as a case study for…

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Talking About Race at Work Might Not Be the Worst Idea After All

Source: Bloomsberg Talking about race has long been taboo in the workplace. From a human-resources perspective, it feels like a legal liability, and no one at any level wants to offend a co-worker. Better to stay away. That instinct might do more harm than good. Across races, a majority of workers say open conversations about race…

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5 Ways Australia is Getting More Diverse (Census 2016)

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Source: SBS Diversity in the Australian community is flourishing, according to fresh Census data. Australia’s increasingly close ties with its international neighbours are evident throughout many of the 68.9 million pieces of data published by the Australian Bureau for Statistics for Census 2016. This handful of insights about diversity is the first glimpse of the trove…

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