Welcome to the team, Nalini Gopal

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We are delighted to welcome Nalini Gopal who joins The Migration Agency as a Senior Consultant.

Working in immigration law is more than visa applications. For many people it’s about carrying their dream forward and making it a reality, and for business it about growth, innovation and success.

Growth and leadership are key values for Nalini. As an immigrant herself, Nalini’s direct experience of working as a paralegal and later lawyer in an immigration law capacity forged her strong personal belief in wanting to do the right thing by people. It also consolidated her deep understanding that immigration law is very much about people’s lives – their hopes, dreams, and the financial investment they make.

This is why Nalini chose to further her career at The Migration Agency – due to the alignment of the company’s values of putting the client at the heart of everything we do and to empower people move around the world with high quality immigration services.

Nalini brings over 10 years’ experience working in corporate immigration for an global law firm, this has seen her thrive in the business services aspect of immigration law. She understands the people aspect within a commercial transaction or decision, and makes her perfectly suited to The Migration Agency’s partnership approach to its clients.

Nalini is excited about creating value for The Migration Agency’s clients and formulating strategic pathways for businesses to assist in their growth and for individuals to realise their dreams of migrating to Australia

There is no better satisfaction than helping people to realise their dream. Knowing you’ve created something that’s a significant milestone in their lives – and will make a difference to them – is just so gratifying.

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