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We are delighted to welcome Marianne Calacala to the TMA team. Marianne is joining us as a Senior Consultant and will be leading client relationship management and service delivery for our business and individual clients.

Marianne brings a wealth of knowledge experience as a solicitor and migration agent having worked in top tier law firms and global professional service firms.  She graduated from the University of New South Wales with a combined Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Law, with a major in Accounting. Not only is she an expert in immigration, she has a keen eye for interpreting balance sheets and understanding complex business transactions!

Marianne has experience in a range of immigration matters including corporate immigration, general skilled migration, family visas and business innovation and investment visas.

She also loves working with small to medium businesses to share her insights and best practices to help them accelerate growth and access global talent to give their business a competitive advantage.

Q: What is your top tip for employers preparing a TSS visa application?

A: The labour market testing requirement has become incredibly detailed. If you are thinking about sponsoring an employee for a TSS visa in the near future, review your recruitment processes to ensure that they won’t preclude you from visa sponsorship due to a small technicality. We would be happy to review your employee’s circumstances to determine:

  • Whether we can rely on a labour market testing exemption; and
  • If labour market testing is required, to ensure that the advertisement that you propose to publish will meet the new requirements.

This initial assessment can save employers a lot of time and will allow for quicker preparation of a decision ready application.

Q: What are three adjectives which describe you?

A: Bubbly, considerate and optimistic.

Q: What is a recent immigration requirement that has surprised you?

A:  The requirement to ensure that a contract that is provided for a TSS nomination application does not pre-date evidence of labour market testing. There are many situations where I have seen it would not make commercial sense to do so and it surprises me that the Department have taken quite a hard stance on this.

Q: What are you listening to at the moment?

Drake’s new album, Scorpion. I find it hard to resist bopping my head to the beat.

Feel free to contact Marianne on (02) 8896 6056 to discuss your immigration requirements, or book an appointment directly with her here: https://themigrationagency.as.me/.

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