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For students wish to study full-time at a participating institution in Australia, there are a number of visa options available depending on level of study and whether study will be undertaken via coursework or research:

  • Subclass 573 Higher Education Sector - to be eligible for this visa, you must study an approved course which awards a bachelor degree, graduate or advanced certificate / diploma, or master degree by coursework.
  • Subclass 574 Postgraduate Research Sector - this visa is for students studying an approved research course which awards a masters degree by research or doctoral degree.
  • Subclass 572 Vocational Education and Training Sector - this visa is suitable for students enrolled in a registered vocational education and training course (e.g. TAFE) or a registered course for the award of advanced diploma. Students enrolled in an advance diploma course may be eligible for streamlined visa processing.
  • Subclass 570 Independent ELICOS Sector - the visa allows you to stay in Australia to study a full time intensive English language course. You may qualify for streamlined visa processing if the English course is packaged with a course at a university or college participating in the streamlined visa processing program.

Visa applicants must be able to satisfy the ‘genuine temporary entrant’, health and financial requirements to qualify for these visas.

We provide an initial visa assessment to ensure you satisfy the ‘genuine temporary entrant’, health and financial requirements prior to application. We can also advise whether a course of study eligible for streamlined visa processing, reducing the time and documentary evidence requirements. We also help students manage compliance with their current student visa when changing course of study.

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