A Labour Agreement enables Australian businesses to engage overseas labour outside of the standard 457 visa program in response to a skills or labour shortage in Australia.  A Labour Agreement can be used to facilitate work permits for workers or employment situations that fall outside of the Standard Business Sponsorship framework - for example, to employ semi-skilled or low-skilled workers, to seek concessions such as to minimum salary thresholds or English language requirements, or where sponsor intends to on-hire the worker to a third party business.

We can assist employers in the negotiation of Labour Agreements, including company-specific Labour Agreements and On-Hire Labour Agreements, between the organisation and the Australian Department of Immigration.

We also provide advice and assistance to employers to manage compliance with their obligations under the Labour Agreement, such as commitments to the employment, education and training of Australians, as well as manage all compliance and monitoring reports with the Department of Immigration after the Labour Agreement is approved.

Contact us for further information about how a Labour Agreement could assist your business secure a skilled workforce.