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Migration Outlook for 2019 – Sunny with periods of rain

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The time has arrived again for the Australian Government’s annual consultation with key stakeholders and the public, to submit their views on the 2019/20 Migration Program. The main areas being discussed are the geographic distribution of migrants in regional areas, the current composition (skilled, family and humanitarian) and rate of visa approvals, in order to…

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Regional migration: Is this the answer to crowded cities?

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The Morrison Government has proposed that changes to our regional migration program are required to address population growth in our major cities. Whilst details of the proposed policy are still being developed, many are questioning how effective such a policy will be in practice. The Government’s proposed regional migration policy According to recent Department of…

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Business leaders leverage skills of refugee global talent pool

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Talent shortages will affect the future of the world’s largest economies in upcoming years, and developing new and creative solutions to address these critical shortages is an economic imperative. The global refugee population should be part of the solution. A report commissioned by Talent Beyond Boundaries highlights the contributions from businesses who are spearheading efforts…

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We all benefit from having migrant workers

Over the past few years, migrant workers have become the default political solution for policy problems. Not enough jobs? That’s because foreigners are stealing them. Wages aren’t going up? That’s because foreigners drag them down. Graduates aren’t finding positions? That’s because skilled worker visas are being given out too easily. Maybe there is something to…

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Top 6 jobs in demand in Australia (and other trends)

Source: Business Insider Recruiters Hays has just released its quarterly report showing the skills and jobs employees are looking for in Australia for 2017. The six jobs in high demand are financial analyst, payroller, site manager, data analyst, development and operations engineer and sales administrator. The report covering the January to March 2017 quarter also…

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New Entrepreneur Visa

On 7 December 2015, the Australian Government announced the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA), which included a range of initiatives and changes to the visa system to help Australia attract foreign entrepreneurs to start companies in Australia. New Entrepreneur visa The Australian Government has made it easier for entrepreneurs worldwide to launch startups in Australia. From 10…

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