Streamlined Visa Processing – simpler, faster student visas

Streamlined Visa Processing

The Streamlined Visa Processing Program offers students from certain countries a more streamlined visa application process.

Under this program, the Department will assess eligible student visa applicants as though they were a low immigration risk (similar to the current Assessment Level 1), regardless of their country of origin.To qualify, you must study a registered course at an education instituted that is registered to participate in the program.

The program offers significant benefits to international students as it reduces the amount of supporting documents you must supply to the Department prior to the grant of visa and therefore the length of time to issue the visa.

Changing course of study

If you were granted a visa under the Streamlined Visa Processing program and you would like to change to a new course of study, you generally need to:

  1. enrol in another streamlined eligible course at the same level as your current course;
  2. apply for a new visa for the level of qualification you will transfer to e.g. to change from a Bachelor degree to an Advanced Diploma; or
  3. apply for a new visa if you will transfer to a course of study that is not eligible for streamlined visa processing processing.

It is imperative to remain compliant with the conditions of your current student visa, and understand the impact for your current visa status prior to changing to a new course of study. If you transfer to a course not eligible for streamlined visa processing or at the same level as your current course, your student visa may be cancelled.

Please contact us for advice in relation to course transfers and your current student visa.