Short term business travel

In today’s global economy business invariably need to move their people fluidly and expeditiously across borders.

short term business travelm business travel

short term business travelm business travel

But there is much more to a global mobility strategy than work and residency permits and ensuring unimpeded business travel (as critical as these requirements are). Global mobility requires businesses to take a strategic approach to immigration and have a finger on the pulse of any changes in immigration laws across multiple jurisdictions.

Immigration and Mobility

According to a recent PwC mobility survey¹,  business travel is one of the most common types of global mobility within an organisation yet it is one of the least supported types of mobility in terms of the policies and procedures.

Furthermore, the PwC survey showed that despite increasing mobility of employees more than one-third of organisations have a poor grasp of where are working internationally.  Most organisations surveyed agreed that they need to give more attention to immigration and compliance.

PwC Moving People with Purpose Modern Mobility Survey 2014

PwC Moving People with Purpose Modern Mobility Survey 2014

What Next

Government immigration departments are increasingly sharing information about organisations and employee travellers putting organisations who don’t have good compliance programs at risk of being caught out.

Business is increasingly becoming aware of the value a good immigration service provider can be to receive pragmatic immigration advice, to help the business gain maximum value out of its mobility strategy and to proactively manage and avoid compliance risks. If your business hasn’t done so already, there is no better time than now to examine your mobility program to assess whether it meets the current requirements under Australian immigration laws.

About Us

The Migration Agency works across industries and sectors to help our clients develop effective mobility strategies to manage immigration compliance.

We offer comprehensive corporate immigration services including:

  • assistance with work visa and permanent residency applications
  • business sponsorship applications and compliance programs
  • immigration health checks
  • providing compliance advice on mobility policies
  • advice on migration options for inbound investors (business and individual)
  • discretionary applications and personalised immigration assistance for employees

Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your business’ global mobility strategy.

¹ PwC Moving People with Purpose Modern Mobility Survey 2014

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