Market Consultation: Future of Visa Service Delivery in Australia

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has announced it is modernising the way it delivers visa and citizenship services and released a consultation paper “Delivering Visa Services for Australia” and is inviting the public to participate in a consultation to look at opportunities to improve technology and service delivery.

The DIBP has stated that its review of the visa system is a response to the increasing volumes of visa applications and travellers. Currently the system is servicing over eight million visa applicants each year. By leveraging market capability, technology and services, the DIBP intends to improve client experience and streamline visa processing.

According to its consultation paper ‘Delivering Visa Services for Australia’, the DIBP aims to create an efficient, sustainable and innovative service delivery model, and explore new technologies to help design and build a global digital visa processing platform.

The DIBP is inviting members of the public and business community to participate in a consultation process with the objective of:

  • reducing one-off implementation costs and delivery time by deploying existing technology
  • accessing exceptional global talent to co-design and build the new business and technology systems
  • delivering outcomes that meet or exceed expectations of quality, timeliness and value by adopting best-practice delivery
  • improving client experience and efficiency by developing new and innovative service-delivery approaches
  • helping the Department unlock value for the public by providing valuable services enabled by commercialising existing and new assets
  • enabling the cost of some services to be borne by market providers and recovered directly by those providers from applicants via fees set through an agreed mechanism
  • providing premium, value-added services and/or other user-pays models that makes the visa system more sustainable.

Who can participate in the consultation process?

The DIBP encourages participation from a diverse range of organisations with innovative ideas and technology.

These include business process specialists, technology infrastructure and enterprise software experts, biometrics enrolment and verification providers, industry specific business processing or software vendors, robotics automation and artificial intelligence innovators.

The consultation is non-competitive. The DIBP has stated that responses will not advantage or disadvantage prospective tenderers in any future competitive procurement processes for visa service delivery. Any future prospective tenderers will not be evaluated based on any response to this market consultation.

How can you participate?

Industry briefing sessions will be held from 4 to 10 July in Canberra, Sydney, Bengaluru, Singapore and San Francisco.

Register your interest by completing an Industry Briefing Registration Form.

The key focus of the briefing sessions will be:

  • Which visa services are best delivered by the market?
  • How should visa products, geographies and functions be bundled?
  • How should bundles be commercially structured?
  • What commercialisation opportunities are there in the visa business?
  • How should the Department approach and engage potential market partners?
  • What is the impact of potential provider requirements?

Following the market consultation, the DIBP expects that next steps will include a sourcing and co-design process that begins with Request(s) for Expressions of Interest and involves final proposals being submitted to Government when the DIBP seeks approval to issue any Requests for Tender (RFT).

Address for lodgement:

For visa or immigration-related advice or submission support please contact

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