We work with employers requiring assistance to become Standard Business Sponsors, as well as assisting with applications for Temporary and Permanent visas with employer sponsorship.

We help to ensure the best chance of success when applying for approval as a sponsor, removing the guesswork and providing greater certainty around the process, helping our clients to focus on their business.

Application stages

There are 3 processing stages in sponsoring an employee from overseas under the subclass 457 visa programme:

  1. Sponsorship The employer applies for approval as a standard business sponsor. This is required to nominate an occupation for a subclass 457 visa.
  2. Nomination The employer nominates an occupation for a prospective or existing subclass 457 visa holder.
  3. 457 Visa application The person nominated to work in the nominated occupation applies for the subclass 457 visa. This is the final step to obtaining a subclass 457 visa.

The following diagram illustrates the 3 processing stages and their order for subclass 457 visas:


standard business sponsorship