We are hiring! New vacancy for a Junior Migration Consultant

Come join our team and experience a progressive & flexible work environment, access to high quality work and competitive remuneration. The Migration Agency is a full service migration firm with a vision to partner with innovative businesses to provide access to a global talent pool. The firm advises and services creative industries and leading Australian…

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Talking About Race at Work Might Not Be the Worst Idea After All

Source: Bloomsberg Talking about race has long been taboo in the workplace. From a human-resources perspective, it feels like a legal liability, and no one at any level wants to offend a co-worker. Better to stay away. That instinct might do more harm than good. Across races, a majority of workers say open conversations about race…

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Did you know: Your social media profile can impact your visa?

conflicting information on social media

Beware of contradictory information on Facebook. Recently, a visa applicant was before the Federal Circuit Court of Australia appealing a decision on his visa application. In that case, the Court ruled that material on the Facebook page of a visa applicant is “information” about “evidentiary material” used to determine the whether an applicant’s claims made…

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We are hiring!

we are hiring

Join our team. The Migration Agency is expanding and we need talented  and proactive Migration Manager who knows Australian immigration inside and out and can help grow our business. This is a very exciting opportunity for a migration agent or lawyer to join a dynamic, growing agency working across some of Australia’s blue chip brands and talented professionals to…

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