On behalf of The Migration Agency, I welcome you to our website.

I am committed to providing you the highest quality advice and customer service experience available in the industry.

To deliver on this promise, these are the basic service commitments we make to our clients:

1. Excellence We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide exceptional, solutions-focussed service, and will deliver on this promise each time you work with us.

2. Integrity We do what we say and we say what we mean. We demonstrate the highest level of integrity to ensure we earn your trust and the trust of our partners and the Department of Immigration.We understand that when you come to us, we are not just working on another case but we are helping you realise a life goal of moving to Australia.

3. Responsiveness We will not leave your email unanswered or take days to call you back.Though our online technologies for case management and service delivery, we guarantee your case will be managed with the care and attention it deserves.

4. Value We add value so that you feel like you receive more than what you paid for. As part of our value proposition, we offer a competitive and transparent fixed-fee structure – no hidden surprises! We look forward to working towards your migration goals.

Warm regards,

Sarah Thapa

Founder and Managing Director, The Migration Agency